A new chapter begins!

A new chapter begins! After 3+ years living full time in the motorhome – travelling 35,000 miles through 20 countries around Europe – we’ve moved into a house with no wheels! This has been 4 years in the making – Bev was already dreaming of running a smallholding when she finished work back in 2018!

So many plans for our little cottage and plot in Dumfries and Galloway! Already there are chickens to get to know, and polytunnels and raised beds. It’s a little late in the season to start growing everything this year, but still lots to do. And there’s definitely room for a home studio too, so I can’t wait to start on that.

Very exciting of course, but lots of other emotions too. We’ve had a lovely time at Loch Ken and had the chance to explore some of the sights of our new home county.

But the last few months going through the house buying process has been draining – most of all I’m just glad and relieved we have finally made it. We’ve unloaded our stuff from storage – all the random stuff we never needed in the van, do we really need it at all?! So many glasses of different sizes, mystery power supplies, and other gubbins. Definitely due another clearout.

No time for that now though, as we had to get ready for Sweden! We’re half way to Stockholm now. Some great gigs lined up – really looking forward to supporting Bror Gunnar Jannson at Strandkompaniet.

Hard to believe my last UK gig was in March 2020! Over 2 years! So, I’m very pleased to say I have a show booked in! And it’s a cracker. I’ll be opening for the fantastic Jesse Terry at the Kirkgate in Cockermouth, October 6th. Can’t wait for that.

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