All new for 2022

Happy New Year folks! From our little house on wheels to our friends all over the world – All the best!

So, what’s new?

We spent July to November on an awesome 7,000 mile trip around Europe. So many highlights! Our 3rd summer tour to Sweden – it’s definitely a tradition now.

After the smallholding / bee-keeping escapade, fungi foraging and a top crayfish party at Andy and Ucci’s, we finally got to see Stockholm and visit Anna-Lena and Tomas. From there, an overnight ferry to Estonia and down through the Baltic states and Poland to see the salt mines. Through Slovakia to the vineyards of Hungary and another memorable weekend at Sabar wines.

Then, we did what’s been called the ‘Schengen shuffle’ – we spent a month in non-Schengen Croatia to extend our trip beyond the 90 days Brexit limit. A month by the beach on the island of Murter – what’s not to like?! Visiting the roman city of Split was another highlight, before an overnight ferry to Italy. San Marino, another new country, then a lovely stay in Lucca with Lesley. Quickly round the south of France, to Spain for a few weeks. We got as far as Tortosa to see our friend Zoe then back up through France, where every village seems to try to outdo the last – so picturesque.

Since we got back, we’ve mostly been up in Dumfries and Galloway, enjoying walking, the scenery and the wildlife, and house-hunting.

The biggest news has to be the arrival of Storm – an 8 month old whippet pup. He’s gorgeous, such a lovely temperament and an absolute joy. We were looking for a companion for Boo and we’re keen to rescue. Things fell into place when Bev saw that his previous owners were unable to keep him due to ill health.

New job – I’ve been taking on more work as a self-employed contractor and consultant in data and analytics, making the most of the remote working boom and flying the flag for data nomads.

New music? Hopefully! I’m starting to look ahead for gigs and to record some new songs. Watch this space…

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