How and Bev Askew

How Askew is a guitar player and songwriter from the UK. In the early 1990’s, he moved from Workington to the bright lights of Newcastle upon Tyne in the north east. He came to study Zoology but has mostly indulged his passion for music and playing the guitar. He has shared his original blues and roots inspired songs with audiences large and small over the last 25 years. Good with computers, he also has a masters degree in Policy Analysis and Evaluation. He worked in data strategy and analysis roles for a government agency up till early 2019.

Bev Askew has many talents: self taught seamstress, gardener, and adventure travel planner extraordinaire, to name just a few. Taking a break after 22 years in Clinical Diagnostics, she’s enjoyed creative success with a range of intricate handmade cards. You can find them for sale in all the best galleries in Newcastle.

Together with their whippets Marra and Boo, they are ‘Team Askew’. They have embarked on a new adventure travelling around Europe and taking life on the road in a motorhome.

Meet the band…

Richy Clarke on bass is a serious driving force and his rock and metal influences give the original songs and some of their reworkings of blues classics a real kick. You can also hear his signature dark bass presence in Newcastle alt.rock outfit Stand Turn Fire

Phil Muriel turns the trio into something more – he sings, plays drums, and blues harmonica, often all at the same time. He’s a songwriter and guitar player also – and his songs sometimes feature in the set. He gigs regularly round Teeside in his own band, EQ