This train can’t turn on the tracks…

This July saw our return to the Monkey Junk Blues Club and the release of a new track for download on bandcamp.



Bit of background to the song: On 8th May 1994, I got on a train at York and by the time it reached Darlo, I’d sketched out the words and a tune for a song. The words inspired by the walk to the station, the waiting around, the rhythm of the train, the moving on and leaving love behind – a twist on the theme of a few classic old blues tracks like ‘Love in vain’ or ‘How long blues’. Singing it to myself on the train, the tune that came to mind had a call and response feel that reminded me of early blues, field songs or gospel…

Lover come back to me,

Lover come back to me,

Here I am lying low and lonely,

Lover come back to me.

The other lines, filling out the story, came much later when I stumbled across the scrawled lyrics and strummed through the chords, thinking back on that time. When it came to recording it, I had some specific things in mind – I recorded the dobro guitar and a vocal, and Richy on bass and Gav on drums, before he moved on from the band, but felt there was something missing…

Seed pod shaker from the Bribri tribe in Costa Rica

On a visit to a Bribri tribe in Costa Rica in June – continuing a long tradition of buying random instruments while abroad – I bought a traditional gourd/seed pod style shaker. When I got back, I added a percussion line – but still something not right!

I really wanted some harmony vocal lines and, in the end – to help me break the spell – my wife Bev stepped up and sang, adding her voice to mine on the verses. So at last, and only twenty years on from that train journey, it was done.

Monkey Junk Blues Club was a great night, as ever – what a fantastic venue and crowd.



Pleased to say that in the first few days and weeks after the release, the track had some radio play on blues, unsigned and even country radio shows – big thanks to Gary Grainger and Diane Green at EGH Radio.