Monkey Junk and more besides

A belated ‘cheers!’ to everyone that saw us play at the Tanners for the Oxjam festival in October. There was that much going on – over 60 music and comedy acts in some of the coolest venues in town – so we were really chuffed with the crowd and the atmosphere for our set. Respect to the Oxjam team for putting on a great day. Haven’t heard the final total yet.

After playing at Oxjam, I caught the very tail end of the Monkey Junk blues set at Blast Studios. These guys – John on vocals/harp and Andy on guitar – run a club on a Thursday night at the Butterfly Cabinet cafe, in Heaton, Newcastle. Great little venue,  good sound, and a buzzing atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Our main news – we’ve been working on some new recordings 🙂 I had an afternoon at First Avenue studios laying down some acoustic guitar, dobro, ukelele and vocals. Just need to get back in there with Gav to record some drums and percussion and do a final mix. The first track – Certain Something – should be up for download sometime soon.

Recording @ First Avenue Studios